Artist Statement


As we work through our lives, we tend to lose our connection with those simple things that surround us. It is these everyday objects and the way they connect to us that make up the imagery, philosophy, and focus of my work. Imagery plays amongst itself to construct a small story that creates a strong focus: a world which can be so cold to the natural objects and life that are a part of it in an ever widening circle of artificial over-production and extreme over-consumption. Images and ideas are often taken to the extreme. I mix realism with the impossible. Within this work, I myself may be physically present as the victim, assailant, ideal dreamer, or invisible narrator. I represent a fight and struggle for peace and understanding.


Materials range from traditional oil painting, mixed media, digital photography, and sculpture. Work is presented in either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional space, depending on which method represents the story best.


The work is constructed to spark thought, to re-ignite that connection with what surrounds us: with things, with animals, with one another, with difficult issues, and with idealistic ideas. In the end, it is part of a story with a plot that explains one part of the world that has lost its balance. It is a conversation to you without words.